Mega Winner Michele Wins $872,889 on Major Millions!!

Michele S, Employee Services Representative, won an enormous $872,889.09 jackpot on Major Millions on October 13th, 2002 at Lucky Nugget.

The Interview:

What a HUGE jackpot! What happened when you won?

On Saturday evening, October 12, 2002, my husband and I sat down to play at Lucky Nugget Online Casino. We played a few different games for a while and then we decided to try our luck at Major Millions. It was just after midnight now, early Sunday morning, October 13. After a few pulls, I was getting discouraged and was going to change machines when my husband talked me into still playing on the Major Millions machine. I am SO thankful I did.

When we were just about out of money and ready to retire, the first Major Million symbol hit on the 3rd line, then the 2nd, we both watched in anticipation - then BOOM the third one hit and the sirens went off flashing 'you have just won the progressive jackpot'!

We jumped out of our seats and started screaming like little kids! We couldn't believe our eyes! At first we started jumping around the room, hugging each other and screaming and when the initial shock was over, we just stared at the computer over and over again not believing what we saw, but it was true, we won
$872,884.09! We took out our camcorder to record the moment on film.

We called my husband's brother and my sister and had them come right over to share the excitement with us! Now all 4 of us were hugging and screaming.....we were ecstatic!

What are you going to do with all that cash?

We plan to buy our first home (since now we rent) and 2 new cars and of course help our families. Specifically, we are going to help my husband's brother and my sister purchase their first home as well (they also rent currently)!

You are SO lucky! What do you do for good luck?

Nothing, just hope for the best.

Any special advice for your fellow Jackpot Madness players?

Just be optimistic! For all you players out there that don't think something like this could ever happen to you, think again! We were the same way, we were really doubting if big payouts ever even happened, but now we are living proof that they do - and the feeling is unbelievable!

What is your dream holiday destination?

A Hawaiian vacation.

What else would you like to share with us, Michele?

I am 32 years old, happily married, no kids yet. Winning this jackpot will provide our family with financial security.

Brad Wins LotsaLoot Bringing Total to $861,737.68 SO FAR!!

Brad S, Financial Consultant, won ANOTHER big jackpot of $46,392.69 on LotsaLoot on September 6th, 2002 at Golden Riviera. This is to add to: his enormous $739,794.33 jackpot on Major Millions on August 25th, 2002 at Vegas Villa, his $11,290.67 win on Fruit Fiesta on August 21 and his
$48,350.30 jackpot on LotsaLoot on July 1st, both at Crazy Vegas AND his $15,909.69 jackpot on Cash Splash at Golden Riviera on March 9th, 2002.

The Interview:

Brad! TELL US YOUR SECRET! I am sure everyone is just dying to know how you keep on winning all those jackpots? You said last time you were going to 'conquer' Treasure Nile next.

What made you go back to win LotsaLoot again?

I have been so fortunate! To have won another progressive within a couple weeks of 'THE BIG ONE' was such an exhilarating feeling! I know I said I was going to try to win Treasure Nile next, but the Lotsaloot jackpot in the $40's just jumped out at me and said 'Try to get me!' . . . and I did!

Ironically,my brother, who finally decided he should try to mimic some of the success of his little brother at Jackpot Madness, was apparently playing Lotsaloot at the time I won and saw the screen flash 'The Jackpot Has Been Won' and wondered if I might have been the winner.... I was!

You have so far won on Major Millions, Fruit Fiesta and Cash Splash as well as 2x on LotsaLoot. Will you try for all of the Jackpot Madness jackpots?

What next? I'll just keep trying. I've probably gotten a little spoiled - but you never know when that lucky combination will hit! I'm fond of all the Jackpot Madness games, but am particularly fond of Major Millions
(for obvious reasons)

Any parting words of wisdom for your fellow players?
The secret to creating wealth is to start by not losing. . .

Scott W, salesman, won a $101,446.25 jackpot on Treasure Nile at AllSlots

Scott W, salesman, won a $101,446.25 jackpot on Treasure Nile on March 25th, 2002 AND a $39,494.02 jackpot on Cash Splash on March 17th, 2002, for a grand March total of $140.950.27. Both jackpots were won at All Slots.

The Interview:

What a lucky guy! What are your plans for your winnings this time?

I am going to pay some bills and then buy a new truck!

What do you do for good luck?

I never really had a good luck charm or lucky number or anything. I just get lucky quite a lot lately!

Do you have any special advice for your fellow players?

To be kind to others and to respect people the way you want to be respected.

What is your dream holiday destination?

About a month in Australia sitting on the beach and seeing all the sights...or going to the Olympics and being there the whole time.

Do you have any special hobbies?


What else would you like to share with your fellow Jackpot Madness players?

I am married with two children: a boy who is six and a girl who is fifteen. These winnings are going to help out a lot! New Car, Vacation and a New Business!"With the help of the jackpot money, I now have the chance of really choosing a job I want or starting a new business, rather than taking the next offer in order to feed your family! The timing could not have been better!!"

Marka Wins FOUR Times Totaling $141,576.96!!

Marka H, Accountant and Grandmother, won a HUGE $87,642.23 on SupaJax at The Gaming Club on March 14th, 2002. This is to add to her previous three wins: $6,703.80 on SupaJax at Jackpot City on January 23, 2002, $29,966.81 on SupaJax at The River Belle on November 4th, 2001, and $17,264.12 on Fruit Fiesta on August 23rd, 2001 at The Gaming Club.

Remember after winning $29,967 back in November on SupaJax, you told us you were going to buy a fifth wheel camping trailer? Did you buy it? What else did you do with your winnings?

Yes, we bought a beautiful 35' camper; paid off some bills and had a great Christmas! Well, you have won SupaJax 3 times and Fruit Fiesta once: which one will you go for next?

Are you going to try one of the new progressives? What is your strategy ?

I seem to be luckiest at Supajax so I'll play that mostly; but I do like the new games and I play a little of everything. Strategy? I simply play a lot!

What was your first reaction when you realized that you had won again? How was it different from the first three times?

I was especially thrilled with the size of this jackpot. It's so much larger than anything I ever hit before, that it was just kind of unbelievable!

Do you have any plans for your winnings this time? What are they? Will you take that trip to Hawaii?

This time we'll pay off all our bills and we need a new car. Hopefully, we'll save a big chunk. We've already planned a 9 day trip to Hawaii for October, for our anniversary! As a VIP Jackpot Madness winner, what advice would you give other players? Don't give up! If I can hit a big one, anybody can!

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