Online Casino and Sportsbook Blacklist

2 For 1 Sportsbook

Money was sent with the promise of doubling or tripling the initial deposit. The customer never saw a penny of his/her money.


The management of this site has acknowledged their current inability to pay their players. During an interview with CasinoGazette the CEO was interviewed where he stated that players would be paid as the gaming site received new deposits.

Beat The Odds

They are affiliated with 2 for 1 Sportsbook.The customer never saw a penny of his/her money.


This site has problems paying customers because of alleged problems with their credit card processor.

Bettors Book, Casino & Sportsbook

This site is affilated with Vegas Palace Casino. See Vegas Palace

Cayman Sportsbook

Involved in several sister sites known as 2 For 1 Sportsbook and Fiji Sportsbook.(See 2 For 1 Sportsbook)


This site is owned by World Net Gaming. World Net Gaming also owns Ace In The Hole Casino which has serious allegations against it and they decline to respond to inquiries.


This site has failed to pay many customers. It claims to be having problems with receiving funds from its former credit card processor

Lady Bug Bingo

This site has failed to pay many players claiming they were in the Beta stages. Yet they took the players money.

Lucky's Casino

This gaming site has had a large number of customers complaints about non payment of winnings.

Majestic Casino

They promise to pay or say they have paid but cannot produce any evidence of such payments.


The site has at least one complaint of non-payment.

Southern Belle Casino & Sportsbook

This gaming site has had a large number of customers complaints about non payment of winnings

Sport Haven Inc

The gaming license of Sport Haven has been revoked by the Government of Antigua. Many gamblers have not been paid by this sport book.

Super Casino

This gaming site has repeatedly declined to return funds to a customer. They appear to prey on new customers and not build a lasting relationship with ongoing customers.


Numerous complaints of slow and non-payment of customer funds.

Video Las Vegas

Complaints of failure to pay by Video Las Vegas

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